Great News!!

The Town Council is pleased to announce that the funding for the War Horse project (a place of peace to be together) has been approved by WREN, subject to some minor stipulations. The Town Council would like to thank WREN for giving approval for the funding, Wakefield M.D.C. for all the help and support they have given to assist with the application, BEAM for their assistance in completing the application, all the local schoolchildren for the enthusiastic work that they have put into to project and also our local residents who have given their wholehearted support.
Special thanks also to Roger Parkinson, local tree warden, without whose help and support the commemorative wood project may never have got off the ground. Also the volunteers who assisted on the Public Art Steering Group, Tony Lumb (local historian) Colin Williamson ( Friends of Millpond Meadows) and Derek Buckingham (Friends of Millpond Meadows). Unfortunately Derek passed away before he could see the completion of the project but is contribution will always be remembered.
Future updates will be posted on this page as and when they occur.